#ELTwitterClass: E.L Starts An Exciting Wordplay Activity On Twitter


E.L and his followers are engaging in a fun activity on Twitter with the hashtag #ELTwitterClass.

The activity simply requires his followers to play on words, which is locally termed as “nonfa”.

E.L and his followers have been engaging in the wordplay activity all day.

But, how did it all start?…

Well, we guess it all started when E.L tweeted at Joey B yesterday [May 20, 2020].

He wrote: “Dear Joey B if My girlfriend can really rap does that mean her Lava Flows?”

This makes a lot of sense to those who know of Joey B’s new album titled Lava Feels.

E.L’s tweet to Joey B

Joey B also followed up with a tweet.

He wrote: “hey E.L if Nana Addo puts us in a sack for our safety in this pandemic, does that make us a sark nation? maybe I’m nuts.”

Joey B’s tweet to E.L

And that’s how it all began. Many more people on Twitter joined in and started posting their ‘pun tweets.’

A lot of the tweets are very funny and E.L tries as much as possible to reply to most of the tweets with his own puns.

Here are some of the tweets:

E.L also applauds some of the best ‘pun tweets.’

You can also join E.L’s Twitter class and show how good you are with words.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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