This App Will Catch Anyone Who Tries To Snoop Through Your Phone

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Letting someone go through your phone is as close to letting someone go through your mind as we’re going to get. But even if you don’t let them, some people are going to try to go through your phone anyway. Here is an app to help with that. This app will help you catch anyone who tries to snoop.

Hidden Eye For Android

Logo For Hidden Eye App

The Hidden Eye App for android allows you to catch anyone who snoops through your phone red-handed. When someone enters a wrong password into your phone, the app takes a picture with your front camera. You will see exactly who tried to get into your phone. Additionally, you can put the app into stealth mode so that the person who tries to get into your phone doesn’t know that they have been photographed.

There’s also a timestamp that will show you exactly when the person tried to get into your phone. After all, nothing beats evidence when you are accusing someone of going into your phone.

If you can’t trust your partner, just leave them, don’t go through their phone.


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