Only Women Can Relate To These Hilarious Videos

Image via Tiktok//@miss.kat
Image via Tiktok//@miss.kat

Nahh if you’re a guy, please excuse us okay, it’s Ladies only!!!

Ladies, you know how before you make any decision about your love life you kind of have conversations about it with yourself or trusted friends or maybe even family?

Well, imagine the relevant parts of yourself engaging themselves in a brainstorm every time, before you make a decision.

Don’t get confused.

A Tiktok user (@miss.kat) has caught our eye with her very funny and relatable videos. The videos, usually shared on all social media platforms from several people features herself in a meeting with her logic, her brain, her ‘lady parts’ her heart and the occasional Red Flag and monthly period visitor (Aunt flo)

They are extremely funny and you just might relate to some or all!!

When your period is late so you start calculating things and thinking of an escape plan or how you’d break the news that you’re pregnant and then boom out of nowhere… your period appears lol!

The scare!!!
Tiktok video posted on Twitter

When you make plans for a weekend getaway with the love of your life and then your period appears…

“it was supposed to go dowwwwn during the trip”

Tiktok video via Twitter

When you know you’re not supposed to catch feelings but you go ahead and get your heart broken anyways

Tiktok video via Twitter

When you like a boy but you start to notice his red flags..

Ps: you never acknowledge the red flags and flee
TikTok video via Twitter

When you make the wrong choice in men again because who are we kidding? Your lady parts make the real decisions in the end lol
Tiktok video via Twitter

Don’t bend over laughing too hard just yet lol.


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