Meet Muktar Ibrahim: The Painter With A BSc In Banking And Finance

In order to tell Muktar’s story, there is one thing that we cannot do without mentioning. And that’s the fact that Muktar’s father has seventeen children. In a way, the size of his family has shaped the person that Muktar is today. After all, when you are the first-born out of seventeen children there is no way that it won’t affect your mindset. In Muktar’s case, that led him to want to find “a way out,” as he calls it. And this is what led to him, switching from plans to work in a bank, to become a painter.

At First, Muktar Wanted To Work In A Bank

Muktar Ibrahim, Painting A Wall (This Is Not A Wallpaper)

Muktar always wanted to work in a bank. In fact, that was the path that he was on; his trajectory was leading straight to a job in a bank. In senior high school, he studied business. And then he built on that foundation to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and Finance at the All Nations University in Koforidua.

While he was on this path though, Muktar discovered painting. It started when he helped his uncle paint a room during his time in SHS. He doesn’t recall it being too remarkable, but that was only the first time.