Here’s Why The National Service Allowance Is Paid Via E-zwich

For some time now, National Service Persons (NSPs) have been paid via the e-zwich.

This applies especially to those who work in state owned institutions and agencies.

However, some of the service persons have complained about their inability of securing their allowances paid onto their e-zwich cards.

In addressing their issues during an Instagram Live Session with, the Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Scheme, Gifty Oware-Aboagye said the Ezwich platform provides a safe payment platform.

She said the e-zwich platform allows the NSS to pay only those who need to receive the allowance.

“For instance, all those who did their service last year are automatically removed from the payment platform as such there is no way they can access more NSS allowance,” she said.

Miss Oware-Aboagye also explained that the e-zwich platform provides security for the service person since it requires a fingerprint before the money can be accessed.


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