7 Myths About Masturbation You Need To Stop Believing

banana photo via today.com
banana photo via today.com

Masturbation still gets a bad rap in the society, maybe because it is a sexual behaviour which is rarely shared or talked about in public. Charley even with the closest of friends it gets uncomfortable when it is mentioned.

We should know that masturbation is a normal part of sexuality in both ladies and guys, even if they are involved in relationships with another person or single.

Quite a number of people are often taught during childhood that masturbation is something to avoid but then researchers and experts in sexuality agree that masturbation is a normal, healthy sexual behaviour. Lol, it is not a crime to do it, love!

Here are some myths and facts about masturbation:

Myth 1: People in Relationships Don’t Masturbate.

The truth is, “People masturbate whether they are in a relationship or single,” says Justine Marie Shuey, PhD, a board-certified sexologist in Philadelphia”. Single or not single most people enjoy it when they masturbate.

Some people in relationships get jealous when their partners Masturbate. Why because they feel it’s cheating, or that they aren’t good enough in bed. (“like do I even ever satisfy you??” 🤷🏽‍♀️) But it’s important to understand that people have different levels of sexual desires. Some are wild explorers(masturbation inclusive), others just want to stick to what they know and all are totally healthy and normal. Don’t panic.

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