5 Things Ghanaian Parents Will Never Tolerate

Image of a mother talking to her child. source: middleweb.com

They love you and will show it in all sorts of ways except maybe saying it out loud that they actually love you. They are also good disciplinarians and will not hesitate to give you a few lashes or even shout at you to bring your mind back home.

There are always lines you need not cross when living with them and you know it. You probably crossed those lines as a child and they did the needful and now you know better. Let’s take you down memory lane with some of the things that Ghanaian parents will never tolerate.

  1. Eating in someone’s house
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This one was a taboo. If you’re with your mum especially and you go out to visit her friend or an aunty, when asked if you’re hungry, you need to look deep into her eyes to know how to respond. If she slightly shakes her head then you say no; if she nods you can go ahead and say yes. If she shakes her head but you think you know better and so you say yes, you’ll receive the beatings of your life at home.

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