4 Unlikely Places In Ghana To Find Love

Young couple source: 123rf.com

Love can catch you at the most unexpected places. Think about your exes. Were you looking for them? It was one situation that led to another then to another and then you became friends and when you both caught feelings, you started dating. If you’re so disturbed about not having a partner in your life, don’t be too sad. Just get up and live life normally. We promise they can come to you in the most surprising and unexpected ways.

Here are some of the places you will never expect to find love, but well, it could happen. We are going to set the scene for you, just like the movies. Lol. Once again, you never know oo! It just might happen the way we describe it here.

  1. In a queue for trotro
Lockdown lifted: Disregard for social distancing as passengers ...
Image of people in a queue. Source: theindependentghana.com

Naa think about it. It’s early in the morning, you’re probably late for work. And so you’re in the queue annoyed and bothered that you didn’t realize your bag was opened. Then he/she comes, taps you and tells you about it. You turn and you see the brightest smile or the nicest eyes or a beautifully or handsomely dressed lady or guy and then you start talking and you exchange contacts. After a year of good friendship, BOOM! You decide to take it to the next level and date. You’re welcome.

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