10 Of The Most Ridiculous Lyrics We’ve Heard In Rap

Lil Wayne (photo: Moore) Jay Z (Photo:via Time.com)

Rappers are so intelligent! Artistes in general actually… that’s probably why what they do is called ART.

Rappers give us dope lines all the time.

Stuff we can quote on our social media to sound smart, deep or anything at all but sometimes, they say the craziest things!

It’s usually so hard to wrap your head around it Cos it’s just crazy! Take a look at some of our hip hop gurus!!

Big Sean

“I just bought a crib, three stories, that bitch a trilogy.”

Song: “I Don’t Fuck With You” (2015)

We know he’s trying to play with attorneys and a storey building but… let’s be serious. He’s either calling the three storey house a trilogy (eye roll) or *sighhh this ain’t it!! Lmaooo

2 Chainz

“And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off.”

Song: All Me

So his preeq is made of metal or what?

Jay Z

“.38 revolve like the sun round the Earth.”

Song: It’s Hot

Ah Charle! The earth revolves around the sun bro

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Jay Z

“I’m an animal/Half man, half mammal.”

Song: Already Home

Ermm… so you’re an animal but you’re half man and half animal and half man. Our heads are spinning!


“Girl you’re hot and cold/That makes you warm.”

Song: Temperature

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Juelz Santana

“Rock star, flier than an ostrich.”

Song: Black Republicans

Lmaooo Ostriches don’t fly and if you’re even talking beauty “fly” … those birds are UGLY!

Lil Wayne

“Weezy F. Baby and the ‘F’ is for phenomenal.”

Song: Yes

Phenomenal but that’s actually quite smart!


“Good pipe make a girl to a good wife/Good morning wood, I just need a termite.”

Song: Passive Aggres-Her

No our dear beautiful Wale, you don’t need termites. Do you know what termites do to wood? would do to your wood?

via Tenor


“Always been about them horizontal lines through them ‘S’s/That’s a dollar sign.”

Song: Still Tripping

Clearly he was tripping cos someone doesn’t know what vertical and horizontal mean$!


“You done broke my heart into a million pieces/I should have seen it coming, wish I had telekinesis.”

Song: Love Lockdown Remix

Telekinesis does not mean what they want to do at all lmaoooo!!!!! Google it!

Now let’s bring it down to GH! Have you heard any Sarkodie lyric that makes you laugh cos it’s so funny and ridiculous? Share with us here: Kuulpeeps Music’s form

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