UG: Provisional Time-Table And Modalities For End Of 2nd Semester Exams

University Of Ghana legon
University Of Ghana legon

In line with the BEC’s approval for tuition and assessment for the remainder of the Second Semester of the 2019/20 academic year to take place online, using the University’s Sakai Learning Management System (LMS), University Examinations will be run from the 8th of June to the 3rd of July, 2020.
Attached please find the Provisional Timetable and the Modalities of the Examinations for your urgent attention.

  1. Examiners are to administer the Final Examination to make up 30% to 50% of the total course grading for the semester.
  2. Examiners are to note that for the Final Examinations, take-home tests should be largely administered.
  3. Departmental Examination Officers are to extract their respective timetables for the attention of their students for any feedback on clashes.
  4. The Provisional Timetable for the Examinations will be made available to Departmental Examination Officers and Heads of Department for the notice of their Examiners, to be brought to the attention of students.
  5. The Schedule comprises eight 3-day sessions with two free days at the end of the examination period for any contingencies.
  6. Any clashes should be brought to the attention of the Academic Affairs Directorate AAD by 27th of May, 2020.
  7. Examiners may give the prescribed take-home or other modes of examinations at the start of each session per the Schedule. Submission deadlines should be determined by respective Examiners but limited to the stated period.
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  8. Should there be a need for any Examiner to re-schedule an examination to suit a course/class, the Departmental Examinations Officer must be informed to handle it at the Unit level. The Academic Affairs Directorate (AAD) and the respective College Academic Officers should, however, be notified of any such arrangements.
  9. Schedules for any courses not covered by the Draft Timetable, such as practicals, orals, etc., should be organised by the Examiner with the consensus of the students and brought to the notice of the AAD.
  10. Examiners will be required to submit information on the Final Examinations undertaken in the Second Semester 2020, including the examination mode, records of examination participation (attendance) by students etc. to the AAD per an online platform.
  11. Examination overlaps for students of up to three courses within the same session is permissible. Students should notify Examiners promptly about any clashes of more than three courses. Such other courses will be rescheduled. Concessions should also be made by Examiners for missed examinations if students submit justifiable reasons.
  12. Reports of Examination Malpractices should be submitted to the AAD via an online Examinations Malpractice Form to be circulated prior to the start of the examinations. Any evidence should be scanned/photographed and attached whilst the originals must be kept safe for later reference.
  13. Examiners with issues with the Provisional Timetable may contact Examinations Unit of the AAD through their Departmental Examinations Officers for assistance.


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