Sarkodie Joins Edem’s #iAmHungry Campaign

Edem and Sarkodie

This coronavirus pandemic has really exposed a lot of unrealistic things in the world.

Today, the lifestyles of musicians in Ghana have come under focus.

According to the award-winning musician Edem, most of them act rich but are actually hungry.

He said the musicians do not make as much money from music as they portray.
A tweet from Edem
A tweet from Edem
A tweet from Edem
A tweet from Edem
A tweet from Edem
A tweet from Edem

These started to expose a number of issues regarding how Ghanaian musicians make money.

Before the coronavirus, most of their money come from playing shows and concerts.

Even with that, most of them play free shows for their fellow artists hoping for the favor to be returned when they are also hosting a concert.

About money made from streaming platforms – most don’t make a descent living wage from that considering how much it cost to produce a song and even shoot a music video.

Edem’s campaign has now got the official signature of one of Ghana’s biggest exports in music, Sarkodie.

He sent a tweet with photos of a number of things Edem has said and he captioned it “I’m with you brother”.

A tweet from Edem

Now that Sarkodie has joined the fight, hopefully with their combined efforts something positive will come out of this.


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