#MusicUnboxed: Moor Sound Got The Vibe Right On ‘Obaasima’

Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed featured re with Moor Sound

In an industry where the music producers also have to find a way to survive, Moor Sound came through with a summer anthem.

It’s a shame that the Coronavirus pandemic hit because all we want to do after hearing this song is to pull up in summer shorts and light clothing and just jaaaaam at beach parties!

Lyrics from Obaasima//Moor Sound on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

Moor Sound, mostly known for his Hiphop productions switched things up on Obaasima and gave us a good energy filled afrobeats song with hints of dancehall expertly delivered by Spacely, BuMan and Yung D3mz.

In a conversation with the 2020 Kuulpeeps Emerger, Moor Sound, he mentioned that the Obaasima beat was something he’d had for about a year. 

He and Spacely were working on songs for the artiste’s Fine$$e or be Fine$$ed album when Moor Sound presented this beat to him and… he killed it!

When you’re given a good beat, it’s not shocking at all that you’d be able to get the perfect verse and lyrics in less than 30 minutes!!! The Spacely feature was done and BuMan who happened to be in the studio as well, dropped his verse.

Moor Sound on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

The last addition, Young D3mz only came in after he was suggested by Magnom’s manager. Moor Sound had heard his music before but hadn’t worked with him yet and putting him on Obaasima definitely added to making the song an all round perfect song.

Obaasima (just like 90% of GH songs) is about a woman. The artistes dropped vibes upon vibes that will make a woman turn into a puddle of sweet stuff and it is those words, presented in each artiste’s unique style over the Moor Sound production that makes it one of our favourite songs that has been released this year. 

We are still saving this song cos after the Rona, it’s still summer for most part of the year in Ghana and this song is the ideal one to jam to. 

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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