Former President Jerry John Rawlings… Hero Or Villain?

Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings as a leader is percieved in different ways by Ghanaians.

For some Ghanaians, he is a hero and a leader who championed accountability, and for others, he was a leader who used his power to abuse human rights.

There are many stories about how some Ghanaians were wrongfully jailed and killed during his time as a military leader, taking into consideration the stories behind the June 4th Revolution.

Aside from the stories of his “horrible leadership”, there are also stories of how selfless he was as a leader and the wisdom and charisma he possessed.

Former President Rawlings during his days as a military leader

Well, Former President Rawlings is among the top Twitter trends right now as Ghanaians on the platform are discussing his legacies.

The conversations about his legacies are divided as people who admire him are tweeting about the great things he did for Ghana as a leader and those who detest him are tweeting about the horrible things he did as a leader.

According to those who are in favour of Former President Rawlings, the people who hate him never experienced his great leadership and only heard stories from their grandparents about the negative things he did. They also claim that he is the best President Ghana has had after Kwame Nkrumah.

A tweet by @edemagbana, defending the great legacies of Former President Rawlings

For those against the former President, they claim he destroyed Ghana’s economy by driving top entrepreneurs away with his “cruel leadership”.

A tweet by @_freshB, outlining claims about the “poor leadership” of Former President Rawlings

Here are more tweets about the legacies of Former President Rawlings:

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