Get Stuck On Replay With This Twiddle And Supa Gaeta Jam

Fly With Me cover art

Must be nice being a Ghanaian lady.

Actually, some sort of compensation should be taken by women for inspiring a million and one songs cos whew… so powerful! 

Anyway, you all know we looove good songs and when we tell you a song is good… it’s great especially when it comes from the gold mine of young artistes in GH.

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‘Fly With Me’ is an upbeat afrobeats song from Twiddle and features Supa Gaeta. The song has all the potential of becoming a ‘banger.’

It’s just a little over two minutes (just enough to have you singing all the lyrics after one listen), has a great beat (Shadout to the producer, David Acekeyez.. we see why you’ve got Keys in your name) and the lyrics…not too complex and definitely something you’d easily want to sing over and over again.

Not surprisingly, the song is based on a real life story… the story of both guys trying to woo a lady into getting comfortable enough to engage with them in a pub.

So yes, we think this song is to all you stuck up/unapproachable ladies out there (No offense cos we are many)…”GOGO WOHO KAKRAA”

Get the song on all platforms here: Fly With Me

Connect with the artists on Twitter (@TwiddleFreeman @Supagaeta) and Instagram (@Twiddle_Official @Supagaeta)

Listen to the song here:

Fly With Me lyric video by Twiddle and Supa Gaeta


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