6 Ladies Talk About The Products Found In Their Spray Bottle

Natural hair image source: I am Lewa on Youtube

No matter what, your spray bottle should be your best friend when you’re dealing with your natural hair. Your spray bottle feeds your hair with the necessary moisture and relevant oils to your hair.

The products in your spray bottle help revitalize your curls and make it easy to work with, plus it’s easy to evenly distribute moisture when using the spray bottle.

We asked a number of ladies what were in their spray bottles so you’re able to have various options for your hair. You can try some of them and stick to the one your hair appreciates more. Remember, the natural hair journey is a trial and error one until you find the product which is good for you.

1.When we asked @theotopea, this is what she had to say.

“I have a leave-in conditioner, water, peppermint oil and castor oil in my spray bottle”

Leave in conditioner for keeping your hair sealed. As you walk in the sun, the heat causes your moisture to dry up and your cuticles open up in response. The leave in conditioner makes sure your hair is sealed and gives it the extra moisture it needs.

The water is the moisturizer.

The peppermint oil does the Lord’s work. It makes the scalp less dry without producing any additional oil on it. If you have an issue with dandruff too, you need to incorporate it into your regimen.

Castor oil helps improve scalp circulation, control split ends and also treats dandruff.

2. @ohenewaajanet also came through dropping some gems for us

“I have aloe vera juice, water and a blend of oils in my spray bottle.”

Aloe vera juice contains some enzymes which stimulates your scalp and balances your hair’s pH to help it retain more moisture. The enzymes also remove dead cells from your scalp so your hair grows freely.

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