5 Ghanaian Artists That Have Influenced Fashion Trends

Fashion is life and celebrities have come to be associated with certain looks over the years. Sophistication, class, simple etc is a staple on the Ghanaian celebrity fashion scene however, there are those who have been able to start or influence certain fashion trends among their following. This list highlights 5 of such celebrities whose personal style have done just that. 

Joey B

Joey B photo via kuulpeeps.com
Joey B photo via kuulpeeps.com

Joey B apart from being the GOAT on any song he jumps on has also inspired quite the fashion trend since he first surfaced in the industry and we love it. Remember the folded short sleeves and chino shorts and Shambala, then he did the jersey thing for a while. Nowadays Joey seems to be pushing the cowboy agenda and we are aboard that train.

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