ToluDaDi’s “Like This”: A Faultless Ode To African Women (And Men)

ToluDaDi dropped a new song on Friday and as usual, we have been swept off our feet. 

If you follow our music recommendations you’d know we are suckers for that authentic African yet alternative music vibe.

Some call it Afro fusion… others make up their own name for it… whatever it is, ToluDaDi has it on lock! 

As if ToluDaDi’s unique sound wasn’t enough, he featured Cici Yeboah who came in with a voice that swept us off our feet. 

The 3 minute sweet sultry song is basically a serenade to African women. (Of course Cici’s verse was about the African boy wey get the sauce) and we cannot wait to see a live performance of this.

In a smooth transition from pidgin English to Yoruba to Ga (we almost didn’t notice) ToluDaDi and Cici Yeboah made love to the Babawvd produced beat and… if you’re looking for that sexy sweet song to vibe to, this tune should be your go to option!

Get it on all platforms here: ToluDaDi – Like This

And listen to the song here:


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