This App Helps To Combat Coronavirus

Logo of DreamLab App by the Vodafone Foundation

DreamLab is an app that was developed by the Vodafone Foundation. Although it was originally supposed to be used to battle cancer, now the app has been purposed to help in the fight against Coronavirus as well.

How The App Is Helping In The Fight Against Coronavirus

Researchers rely on supercomputers to do all the machine-processing that they need for their work. So, computers are responsible for analyzing complex data.

However, research for Coronavirus literally can’t be processed fast enough. We need to speed things up, and that’s where the app comes in. DreamLab allows you to help speed up the research process. When you plug in your phone (to charge it), the app downloads a tiny part of a huge research project. It calculates (using your phone), and then the results are sent back to the research team.

Infographic Showing How DreamLab App Battles Cancer

All that you have to do is download the app and you can help in the fight against Coronavirus. Oh, and if you’re on Vodafone, there are no data charges.


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