Ghanaians Amazed After An Apple Tree Bears Fruits In The Ashanti Region

The apple tree was planted by a woman who allegedly died just after it started growing

An apple tree which was planted five years ago in Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region has produced its first set of fruits.

This news has got a lot of Ghanaians excited as most of them were made to believe that the conditions in Ghana do not favour the cultivation of apple trees.

Photos and a video of the apple tree was shared on Twitter.
The tweet that revealed the news of the apple tree

The Twitter account that shared the news, also revealed that the woman who planted the tree died just after it started growing.

According to the owners, the plant needs fertilizers to keep it in shape and they are calling on science and research institutions and the government to help with research to ascertain if the fruits could be produced on a larger scale.
A video of the apple tree

Here’s how Ghanaians reacted to the news:


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