Food VOGUE: Top 6 Places For Burgers In Accra

Burgers from Builtburgersghana//Instagram

Burgers are God’s gift to all junk food.

Forget pizzas… burgers are the real deal!

We spoke to food enthusiast and blogger, Food VOGUE (@Foodvo_gh on Instagram) to find out the places with the best burgers and for someone who has been to several restaurants…. y’all better trust her!

These are the best places to go if you love a good burger!

Carbo Corso

They make the juiciest most delicious burgers! Find them in Accra Mall (030 20 279 0602) Achimota Mall (030 294 2413) Junction Mall (030 272 4440) and Tarkoradi Mall (0312291531)

Mwah Making Love

They make all their burgers with love, from scratch! Send them a DM on Instagram (@mwah_makinglove) or Twitter (@mwah_makinglove)

Burgers from Mwah Makinglove via Twitter (@mwah_makinglove)

Custom Built Burgers

The best part about this place is they let you “create your own burger”. You can choose what you want to be in the burger with their impressive list of ingredients and it’d be done for you… exactly as you want it! Find them on the Boundary road in East Legon close to the A&C Shell Filling station and… they’re in Takoradi as well! Send them a DM on IG or get the location

Baffy’s Eatery

Aside the fact that they make some of the best meals at affordable prices, they’ve also got some of the best tasting burgers! Find them in Osu and check out their exact location on Instagram.

GEOS Tearoom and Grill

They are also located at East Legon but are currently doing deliveries only because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Coco Lounge

If you only knew them for fancy food then think again cos apparently they make the best burgers too!! Find them at Stanbic Heights on the Airport road.

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