Nigerian Government Is Charging Its Evacuated Citizens GHS 4,457

A Lady receiving guidelines. Photo credit: Pexels

As the coronavirus pandemic is extending its stay with humanity, a lot more countries are now having to take steps to evacuate its citizens stranded abroad back home.

Ghanaian embassies and high commissions are collating data to help the government make a decision.

However, the Nigerian government has advanced its evacuation plans.

A letter sent to its citizens in Thailand, the Nigerian government noted that all their citizens who wished to be evacuated must pay N297,600, an equivalent of GHS 4,457.

This money, according to the Nigerian government will be used to pay for their 16-day mandatory quarantine when they arrive in Nigeria.

The cost covers food and accommodation.

Nigerian citizens who do not pay the said about in Thailand will not be evacuated to Nigeria.

See the letter below:

Statement from the Nigerian government

When the Government of Ghana mandatorily quarantined international travelers, it was done free of charge.


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