3 Other Topics That Spark A GhVsNaija Feud On Twitter

Ghana and Nigeria flags photo via kuulpeeps.com
Ghana and Nigeria flags photo via kuulpeeps.com

Ghana and Nigeria are most possibly the most famous countries in West Africa, with both countries located in the same subregion and both being Anglophone countries, they are very close and share a few things in common. One other thing that both countries are most noted for is their unending rivalry in almost everything, and these 3 topics aside Jollof and electricity that both countries quarrel over might just make you laugh out loud.


Presidents Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and Buhari photo via kuulpeeps.com

As far as the rivalry between the two nations goes, the Presidents could not be left out. Ghana and Nigeria over the years have had very good and strong relations between Presidents, but that’s not what the people of both countries talk about the most. Citizens compare sitting Presidents in ways you couldn’t imagine, from grammatical errors to fashion choices all the way up to policies and even lifestyle taste.

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