12 Of The Most Copied “Designer” Brands You Know


image via CollectorsStore

Hermès has often fallen prey to counterfeiters, with its Birkin bag, silk scarves and ties being the most ripped-off products. Its leather goods especially its Heremès belts have also been copied too.


Levi jeans via mukunomi

Almost every jeans you see are sworn to be Levi’s or have the Levi’s tag. 

The definitive denim brand is no stranger to being imitated by fraudsters.


channel bag via channel.com

From its quilted 2.55 bag and chic wallets to the popular No 5 fragrance, Chanel products are often targeted by counterfeiters. A staggering 475,056 bottles of fake perfume, including Chanel, were seized at Los Angeles ports between October 2017 and January 2018. It also successfully sued 24 Amazon sellers who were selling fakes.

Source: lovemoney.com


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