12 Of The Most Copied “Designer” Brands You Know

MAC Cosmetics

MAC cosmetics via Instagram//maccosmetics

As if they aren’t expensive enough already, it’s likely you may be getting fake makeup! Fake makeup can contain anything from cyanide and lead to mercury, so counterfeits are potentially very dangerous. MAC Cosmetics is the world’s most counterfeited make-up brand. 


Gucci bag via Nordstrom

Gucci joined Michael Kors in quitting the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition due to Alibaba’s involvement. (Your heart just dropped Cos you’ve been ordering your designer stuff from Alibaba right?) 

Louis Vuitton

via Amazon.com

Although Louis Vuitton is the world’s most pirated luxury brand, parent company LVMH is extremely proactive with regard to protecting its trademarks and copyright – the high-end French conglomerate spends $18.5 million a year fighting the fakers


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