12 Of The Most Copied “Designer” Brands You Know


Rolex watch via Fratellowatches.com

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but we’re not sure Rolex would agree. Rolex is the world’s most ripped-off watch brand, and cheap copies of the watch are everywhere! From shops to IG shops to even the guy selling watches in traffic… admit that you’ve never seen a Rolex in the streets!


Photo by Sean King via photographyblogger.com

The market is flooded with bogus sunglasses and Ray-Ban shades are the most counterfeited. The fakes tend to lack adequate UV protection and can potentially damage the eyes but… we are pretty sure half of those rocking Ray Bans in their photo shoots are quite fake!


Via burberry.com

The British heritage brand’s iconic check design is much-imitated, even by other respectable fashion brands. There are a million variations right now in GH markets and even online!


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