12 Of The Most Copied “Designer” Brands You Know

Nike sneakers via Pinterest

We all love to have some designer products to make us feel chic and original but lol unfortunately sometimes these products we buy are not the original.

There are a lot of popular brands that unfortunately suffer from competing with their fake versions counterfeited into the markets.

Most of these fake/counterfeited products are from China (surprise!) and are sold at affordable prices (which is still expensive for some of us) to consumers.

Take a look at the most counterfeited brands and chances are you probably own some or have seen some ridiculous versions around!

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo shirt via Rathunas.net

Sometimes the man in the logo is fishing, jumping, standing, not having a club in hand… the fake variations are uncountable!

The brand’s quintessential logo polo shirts, which sell for a premium, are relatively easy for counterfeiters to copy, which could explain why Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most ripped-off brands in the world 


Pin by Nicole Marvin on Pinterest

Fake sneakers are a major headache for the German sportswear giant. The most lucrative faked copies are actually Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes for Adidas Originals X, which are mainly sold online.


via Pinterest

Nike is the world’s most counterfeited brand and its sneakers are fraudulently imitated by counterfeiters, particularly in China and it’s actually quite hard to differentiate between them!

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