Who Is The “Big Meetch” Rick Ross Rapped About?

Rick Ross rapped about being “”Big Meetch “ in the 2000s

I think I’m big meetch

Sound familiar?

If that line sounded familiar to you then it’s because you’ve listened to Rick Ross’s popular single, Blowing Money Fast (BMF).

Now we bet some of you never thought Big Meetch has any real meaning but… it does and it’s got an interesting back story!

So, Big Meetch is a well known black man in the history of Hiphop. His real name is Demetrius Flenory and he’s still alive but in prison. 

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Big Meetch is the founder of the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a multimillion dollar drug trafficking organisation which he ran with his brother Terry Felenory aka Southwest T.

The two ran a cocaine trafficking organisation that held operations all over the USA and started the BMF Entertainment which was a Hiphop promotion agency/record label that also served as a way to launder the bunch of money they were making.

BMF Entertainment became a huge deal in the music industry in the early 2000s. They were known for their associations with huge artists including , Jay Z, TI, E-40 and more and were known to play a big role in Young Jeezy and Fabulous’s music career.

Demetrius Big Meetch Flenory

The two brothers were eventually arrested in 2008 after very long a carefully planned out investigations and sent to prison for  30 years each. 

However, just this month, Big Meetch’s brother, Terry Lee was released to go complete his sentence under house arrest because of the the COVID-19 and 50 Cent seems to be the most excited about his return especially as he’s working on a show based off the Black Mafia Family story.

Terry Lee Flenory was released on 5th May

Big Meetch has also requested to complete his sentence at home due to COVID-19 fears but his offer was denied and he’s still in prison waiting to complete his term in 2030.

Over 2000 inmates and prison staff workers have been infected with the virus and at least 40 people have died according to federal prison data (The Source)

So yes, that’s the story of Big Meetch. 

Rick Ross calling himself Big Meetch on that song years ago and using the BMF as his track title for a song about women and drugs was probably a reference to him considering himself a drug lord (you know how gangster rap was like in the 2000s) despite the fact that at some point, his real job was once a Corrections officer (He swore he did drugs tho)

Terry Lee is out and jokes have been flying about people who have been claiming to be a part of the BMF gang…

a skit shared by Terry Lee Southwest T

Even 50 Cent is calling out everyone who owes the BMF to pay up.

50 Cent posting about Terry Lee being free

Terry Lee… he’s just enjoying posting photos, meeting old friends and their family and posting throwback photos

Terry Lee’s official Instagram account

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