Relax And Vibe With Joey Lowso’s Debut EP ‘Smile Of Pain’

Joey Lowso's Debut EP 'Smile of Pain
Joey Lowso's Debut EP 'Smile of Pain

Debazar Joshua also known as Joey Lowso continues to prove he is one of the most exciting and versatile acts on and off-campus.

Lowso’s biggest asset, without doubt, is his versatility and smoothness of delivery, whether rapping or singing which is clearly demonstrated in his 2020 debut project “Smile of Pain EP”. On 15th May, the Smile of Pain EP dropped with 5 tracks each produced by cocosound.

Joey Lowso's Debut EP 'Smile of Pain
Joey Lowso’s Debut EP ‘Smile of Pain

The intro which is titled ‘Smile of Pain’ is fire. It is more of a spoken word setting which projects the thoughts and emotions and trials a young guy goes through. The spoken word with the cool piano sound at the background makes it more appetizing to listen to.

Trash is an easy jam and one favorite track on the EP. It talks about certain group of people who live in a particular society and they are been mistaken for what they are not. Just because of their looks or a particular style of behavior doesn’t necessarily mean this is what or who they are. It simply corresponds with the adage ” Don’t judge a book by its cover” .

Track number 3 which is Love is pain features NicknamedEsco, a Ghanaian based rapper in the US. Joey Lowso said in an interview on His Radio tour that this song talks about everyone feeling happy in their relationship but his always is the other side. It’s like faking feelings for your partner to feel happy meanwhile deep down you are not happy in the relationship. He said love and relationships is a whole pain.

Come My Way is a jammm and an easy favourite. It’s that singing Joey Lowso we all know. This song is going to blow no doubt because it’s everything the Ghanaian young hustler wants: a hustle motivation song and a great beat. A perfect commercial song that sounds good. It’s like a prayer to God to come our ways and bless our hustles. The whole message in the song makes us soo happy and easy to relate to.

F.Y.A.D which stands for Fuck You All Day is that hip pop that we all love on the EP. FYAD expresses the feelings of a boy or man battling mental trauma which was caused by breakup from his previous relationship. It goes all long to talk about a fiancee for looking down on a man or boy just because of his current state and he finally getting over it. The Fuck You is basically trying to tell the girl I never regretted letting you go, it was worth it so fuck you on top kraaa.

Currently the EP has over 4.7k streams and downloads on audiomack. We enjoyed the EP as much as Joey Lowso enjoyed making it and we recommend it…10/10!!!

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