#NovDecRapper: DKB Praised For Replying Medikal With A Diss Song

DKB has replied Medikal with a diss song (NovDec Rapper) after the latter threw shots at him in his new song titled 'Nonsense'

DKB has replied Medikal with a diss song after the rapper threw jabs at the comedian in his new song titled Nonsense.

Medikal released Nonsense yesterday, May 15, 2020, and he addressed a lot of people including DKB who made a comment about his wedding.

The lyrics of Medikal’s song which is directed at DKB stated:

“f**k DKB
Are you a wedding planner?”

This really angered DKB, we guess, as the comedian took to a studio to record a diss song to reply Medikal.

DKB released the diss song titled NovDec Rapper at 11:30 pm, last night. In the song, DKB makes claims that Medikal is not a good rapper and all he has is money.

A video of DKB talking about his diss song to Medikal

DKB, however, is getting a lot of praise on Twitter for replying Medikal with a diss song.

There’s a lot of love now on Twitter for DKB and some people are claiming he is a better rapper than most Ghanaian rappers.

Some also praised his for addressing Medikal very well.

Here are some of the tweets we gathered:


Listen to DKB’s diss song to Medikal here:

‘NovDec Rapper’, DKB’s diss song to Medikal

source: kuulpeeps.com

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