Who Is A Internet Troll?

Popular Meme Depicting Internet Troll

There are all types of people on the internet. Some of them are rude and some of them are profane but still, some of them are… even worse. Those are the internet trolls. You can usually find them in comment sections under popular posts on social media.

Who Is A Troll And Why Does It Even Matter?

Meme. Shown Above; Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Oh trust me, it matters. So, what a troll does is, they post comments that are off-topic, they lure you into arguments by posting offensive comments and they generally have bad behaviour. You’ll find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube.

These are people who just want to create chaos. They live to make people get emotional on the internet. And if you don’t realize that you’re being trolled, that can happen all too easily.

Source: Wikipedia / Urban Dictionary


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