UK Government Provides Financial Support To Citizens Stuck In Ghana

Boris Johnson

The coronavirus pandemic has affected international travel as many countries have closed their borders and some international airlines have suspended flights.

Ghana is one of the countries that have closed all if its land, air and sea borders.

Though a number of foreign missions such as the United Kingdom High Commission have evacuated their citizens, some of the people were not able to book seats on time.

As a result they are stuck in the country and may soon run out of cash.

To help them out, the United Kingdom has created financial support for its citizens stuck in Ghana.

There is a range of financial support from the UK government that you can access while you are unable to return due to coronavirus restrictions.

“If you’re in Ghana, and have exhausted all other options to cover essential living costs while you wait to return home, you could apply for an emergency loan for your living costs from the UK government,” UK Government travel advice said.

“You can only apply if you normally live in the UK and you cannot return home,” it explained.

“This last-resort option is for those most in need, and you would need to repay the loan when you are back in the UK,” it added.

If you qualify, you can apply for an emergency loan here.


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