How The Lockdown Reconnected DancegodLloyd With His Family

Dancegod and his family (image via Instagram Dancegodlloyd)

The quarantine has done one good thing, it has brought families together. We constantly see videos of people interacting and having fun with their families, but the Konadu family, by far, have entertained us.

Dancegodlloyd, born Lloyd Kojo Konadu, lives in Ashaiman with his family. He is a professional dancer, a Choreographer & a Dance Coach, this means he’s got to be on the move most of the time. But due to the current situation, he has spent most of the recent days at home. This has helped him develop a strong bond with his family.

The Konadu family have shown Ghanaians that dancing definitely runs in the family.

Speaking to Dancegodlloyd in an exclusive interview with, he said “Before the lockdown I never had enough time to spend with the family which they kind of understand but during these times we have become very close and love to share & solve problems.”

At first, i will never talk to my kid sister or my brother because i don’t have time to hang with them. If they need something, they just ask me, if it is money i just give them. But now, it’s different cuz we see each other 24/7. One day i just woke and said i need to know my family more. My kid brother is a quiet one and I often don’t know what is ringing in his head. One day, I just asked him what are his problems, you’ll be amazed by the kind of things that he said. He doesn’t feel like I’m his big brother, he feels like I’m distancing myself from him,” Dancegodlloyd added.

The one thing the family has in common is dancing, so Dancegodlloyd thought what better way to reconnect with his family than through dancing.

According to him, “dancing has brought a whole different vibe at home as compared to before.”

His father, Mr. Theophilus Konadu (papa Dancegod) shocked everyone with his dance moves, even Dancegodlloyd himself admitted that he was a bit surprised by his dad’s legwork. “I’ve never seen my dad dance until he wanted to be in the videos, he actually surprised me. He’s got moves!!”, Dancegodlloyd said.

In this video which has since gone viral, Dancegodlloyd dances with his entire family and you can’t help but smile throughout.

He was joined by Loretta Antwiwaaa Konadu,(Laurie_ajay), Lawrencia Obenewaa Konadu,(Lauriek__) , Lawson Antwi Konadu, Laurena Obenewaa Konadu, and Hubert Waife(Wondakidd). His mom Agnes Konadu (Mama Dancegod) also joined the dance with his dad Theophilus Konadu (papa Dancegod).

Meet the Konadu Family:
video of dancegodlloyd dancing with his family

Source: Kuulpeeps

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