Drake’s Top 5 Favourite Rappers Of All Time

Drake and Wayne image via Anthony Hilliard

Yesterday Drake revealed his Top 5 biggest rappers on IG…. no one asked him by the way but we are all over his choices!

Those choices have got him trending because honestly who wouldn’t want to know who a huge artist like himself rates?

In no particular order, these are one of the biggest rappers’ favourite rappers!

Lil Wayne

Drake and Lil Wayne (image via WireImage)

This absolutely makes sense because why would he not mention his mentor? His pops? The reason why we have Drake right now??? Young Money forever right??

Young Tony

Young Tony in 2011 during the making of Drake’s album, Take Care (Photo: Ruben River retrieved from HipHopCanada.com)

Most people don’t know who he is but apparently he’s a Toronto rapper commonly known as OVO Hush or Hush Money. Rumour even has it that he might be Drake’s ghost writer for the ridiculous reason that Drake allegedly got him a Cadillac smh


Jay Z image via Yahoo.com

Is Jay Z really not in your top 5 rappers???? Drake and Jay have had a great relationship that turned sour at some point but then went back to being great. Drake even recently dropped “When to say when”, a song that paid homage to Jay Z in the sample he used and even a bit of his style!


Notorious BIG image via Myreligionisrap

Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls aka one of the greatest rap legends of all time.

Andre 3000

André 3000, former member of Outkast

The former member of Outkast definitely makes sense on Drake’s list. He’s been a part of some of the most classic Hiphop tracks and honestly, he’s good good!

What do you think about Drake’s list? Who would you take out or add?

source: kuulpeeps.com

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