3 Quick Tips To Reduce Anxiety From Coronavirus

Focus On The Good

There is a lot going on right now, but instead of feeling anxious, you can try to focus on the silver linings. Right now, a lot of us are home with our entire families. And although that comes with some difficulty, we wouldn’t have this much bonding time if it were not for current circumstances. Even though it feels like everyone is annoying, try to take advantage of the time. Even better, why not try some good relaxation methods? Relaxation oils are often quite helpful and this could be of great use.

Reach Out To Friends And Loved Ones

Staying in touch now is important. It’s important to reach out to the people that you care about now because otherwise, feelings of isolation can set in. Even when you’re home, and around people, you need to have conversations that actually stimulate you.

How are you coping with school or work during this pandemic? Let us know below.


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