10 Things You Did Not Know About Clemento Suarez

Ghanaian comic actor Clemento Suarez

In our conversation with Clemento Suarez on our IG live yesterday, we learned a lot more about him!

Born Clement Ashiteye, we know he named himself Suarez because he loves the football player, Suarez but… guess what else we found about him!

popular comic actor Clemento Suarez

He loves watching movies even though he can end up spending at most three days, watching one.

He loves music and listens to a lot of it.

Aside being a great actor, he is also a bit of an artist.

He debunked claims that the funnier you are , the more girls you get so…. money over funny guys I guess lol.

Comedic Actor, Clemento Suarez

It first hit him that he had made it (become famous) nationwide when he started appearing on TV in several shows in 2016.

He’s looking to put up a play at the National Theatre for free after the Coronavirus pandemic eases up and the laws on the public gatherings are relaxed.

Ghanaian actor and comedian Clemento Suarez

According to Clemento, there’s money in the comedic industry as long as you work hard and you get recognised.

He’s looking to extend his prowess to Nigeria but believes it can only be achieved when he‘s done conquering GH!

At some point, he may stop the comic shows and focus solely on making music.

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source: kuulpeeps.com

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