UEW: If Our Courses Were Musicians, These Are Who They Will Be

If we were to randomly ask everyone to describe the courses they offer and how they relate to it nu we might probably be very confused cuz we definitely cannot relate to what they are saying.

So we asked people to describe their courses using Ghanaian musicians and charle we were not ready because the answers were………………………. ROTFLMAO.

Take a look

Shatta Wale

shatta wale image via shattawalegh Instagram
shatta wale image via shattawalegh Instagram
  • French – there’s always a sequel to every sub-course😪
  • French – It will make you an important person one-day ooo but it is savage.
  • Special education – Because it is all about humanity
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies – Fun but sometimes annoying

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