Kwaku Bs Gets Featured On Redbull, Talks About La Meme Gang And Bootlegging In The Industry

Kwaku Bs Gets Featured On Redbull, Talks About La Meme Gang And Bootlegging In The Industry

Kwaku Bs has been featured in an article which talks about the Afrobeats scene in Ghana. The interview also talks about their lifestyle as a group and how they got accepted by the people of Ghana. According to Kwaku Bs, getting accepted was difficult, “I’m trying to change the soundscape in Ghana,” he said.

Kwaku Bs gives a scenerio when his song was once used in a movie without his permission and nothing could be done because no system was set in place to check these issues.

Read the entire Kwaku Bs Redbull Interview below.

KwakuBs, a member of Accra-based music collective La Même Gang, said. “One time, I found out one of my songs was used in a movie, but no one ever asked me,”. “Anyone just does anything over here, because even the police wouldn’t do much about these things.”

At Afro Nation the previous night, KwakuBs and his five band-mates set the stage on fire with their bass-laden tracks. Today, the boys, all in their early twenties and heavily tattooed, are chilling in producer Nxwrth’s bedroom studio. Some of them are on a Nintendo Switch, others play with Nxwrth’s dog Astro (named after Travis Scott’s album Astroworld), while KwakuBs records vocals.

When the group formed in 2017, Afrobeats was on the cusp of becoming a global phenomenon, which made them want to do something different. When Nxwrth, a 23-year-old sporting pink mini-dreads, boldly states, “I’m trying to change the soundscape in Ghana,” you can see where he’s coming from. With kick drums layered in heavy sub bass, tunes such as Know Me and Stone Island are closer in sound to trap than to classic Afrobeats and their songs celebrate an individualist lifestyle.

La Meme Gang

“Ghanaians have very strong opinions, especially in terms of morals,” KwakuBs says. “You can’t look a certain way, can’t just give a brother a hug. We have tattoos and dyed hair, which went against everything and was met with negativity at first. But, recently there was a shift. We’re part of a new wave.”

This new wave also includes local fashion labels, like Free the Youth and design collectives such as The Weird Cult – like-minded artists who motivate each other and, through collaboration, give one another a platform away from the mainstream. As the local Afrobeats radio stations refuse to play La Même Gang’s tunes, these artistic synergies help them gain the attention of international music and fashion publications. “We wear our friends’ clothes in our videos and they make merchandise for us,” says La Même Gang member Darkovibes. “We believe that if you want to move far, move together. You want to move fast, you go alone.”

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