Isaac: Ghanaian Engineer Recognized By MIT For Innovation

Isaac Sesi is the CEO of Sesi Technologies

Earlier this week, an account on twitter (@humansofny) published the story of Isaac Sesi. As a child, Isaac had an encounter with a foreign family who would later sponsor his education. You can read about that here. Currently though, Isaac has been recognized by MIT as one of their top innovators under 35. Here is the reason why.

The Grain Moisture Meter

Isaac developed a grain moisture meter that allows farmers to measure the moisture content of grain before storage. Now, you may be wondering why this is so important. The thing is the agric sector experiences billions in revenue losses as a result of events that happen post-harvest. And one of the biggest contributors to those post-harvest losses is moisture in grain that has been stored. Isaac Sesi’s grain moisture meter will allow farmers to reduce those losses drastically.

Sesi Technologies

Isaac founded Sesi Technologies, an agric-inclined technology company that makes innovations to help farmers. Isaac has accomplished a lot so far, however, the vision doesn’t end there. He has plans to make technology that will support farmers all over the world. Isaac wants to ensure that we will live in a society where farmers aren’t poor when they have one of the most important jobs; to feed the population.

You can support Isaac’s dream through his Go Fund Me.


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