Here’s How To Report Online Child Sexual Abuse Materials In Ghana

Victim of abuse

The virtual space is a force for good.

However, it has also been coopted by others to feed the worst forms of themselves.

Unfortunately, children have become victims of such people.

Sometimes, while minding your business online, you may come across a child sexual abuse material and you wouldn’t know what to do.

Some report to the managers of the said social media platform – Facebook, Twitter and others.

In our part of the world, the best solution in such a situation is that the platform would block the said material and maybe suspend the account that shared it. However, it ends there.

But there is more that can happen if the report is made to the Ghana Computer Emergency Response team at the National Cyber Security Centre.

This team take extra steps to help the child abuse victim.

The next time you come across such vile material online, visit and file a report.

Alternatively, you can call or SMS to shortcake 292 on all networks or send a WhatsApp to 050 160 3111.

photo of how to report child abuse

Let’s help save our little ones.


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