Comfort Adzigbli: She Became A Carpenter After Giving On Being A Lawyer

Adzigbli Nana Ama Comfort

The following story was sourced from Ghana Women Matter and the write up was further developed by the team.

Growing up, most of us have aspirations of obtaining those traditional mainstream jobs our parents wanted for us.

Become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer, bank manager among others.

Comfort Nana Ama Adzigbli was no different.

She haboured the dream of becoming a lawyer.

But as life would have it – she ended up becoming one good carpenter.

Here’s her story as told by her in a QnA with Edward Asare 

“I didn’t train to be a carpenter. My Dad was one and because I was Daddy’s girl I learned it from him. I was always with him whilst he was working,” she told Edward Asare in a Question and Answer session. 

“As I grew up, I started making penny boxes and fixing broken tables, chairs and petty damages at home with him,” she added.

However, carpentry work wasn’t something she assumed would be a career option for her when she was growing up.

Comfort had her eyes set on attending law school and being called to the bar.

However, a dramatic life event would change Comfort’s dreams forever.

“My Dad’s dying words to me affected me positively,” she said.

“He said I will never be successful in any career aside carpentry. I laughed and asked why. He said I was born to lead the feminine generation into creativity,” Comfort recalled.

“I didn’t take his words seriously in the beginning,” she revealed.

Comfort went ahead with her life after that moment with her dying father.

She tried her hands on modeling and acting after she completed Aburi Presbyterian Secondary Technical Senior High School.

As the eldest child she had the responsibility of also providing for her other siblings.

As a result, senior high school was it for her – she had to make money.

“I tried working with some TV stations as a presenter but didn’t work out,” she told Edward. 

“That was when I remembered my Dad’s words all over again and accepted the challenge,” she said.

Now here we are. I bought a car from carpentry,” she said.

Comfort owns her own furniture shop called NAMAS DECOR GH.

Today, she is providing a source of livelihood for others and excelling at her carpentry career.

All the best to Comfort!

Source: Ghana Women Matter||

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