6 Times Sarkodie And Joey B’s Chemistry Gave Us Bangers

Sarkodie and Joey B

Joey B and Sarkodie have some chemistry that is undeniable.

I mean, Joey B gets to call Sarkodie, Mike and we bet you have to reach some level to be able to call King Sark, Mike Lmao.

Anyway Joey B hinted at a joint album with Sarkodie and we definitely felt a kick of excitement when he mentioned that.

Whether it’s in the works or it is done or it’s now about to kickoff… our minds have already spiralled out of control and we are wondering what it will sound like.

Two talents with so much chemistry…

This just might be ‘Watch The Throne’ level awesome!

These songs are proof!


There’s nothing like the first love…

La Bamba

His recent song on his Lava Feels project.

La Familia

Definitely one of the hardest Hiphop tracks from the two


”You are now rocking with the best”….We agree because Joey B’s waviest verse was with Sark on this song!

Baby Mama

Wait did we already say Joey B had the waviest verse yet? Cos this… this adds to that!


The two of them went off on this one no doubt. It’s definitely in everyone’s Top 2 Sark/Joey collaborations and it won’t be number 2.

We expect the album to happen and we know for a fact that it will be the BOMB!

Source: Kuulpeeps

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