4 Amazing Apps That Are Also Illegal


Sarahah Messaging App 

App Logo For Sarahah Messaging App

This is actually a pretty troublesome app. It allows you to send messages that appear as anonymous. You can send a text to any user, and they won’t know who sent it. This allows people to tell you all their honest thoughts about you, problems that they have with you and so on. You can imagine why an app like this would be banned from app stores.

Quick Lyric

Quick Lyric App

Our final banned app, is an app that shows you music lyrics on-screen, live while a song plays. When you start playing a song, the app automatically recognizes it and shows you the lyrics of the song. Quick Lyric also gives you the option of downloading the lyrics to your favourite songs for later.

You’re not going to get into trouble for using an illegal app. However, they may be harmful to your device, or to your personal data.


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