4 Amazing Apps That Are Also Illegal

Photo by Gnist Design from Pexels

Now, you’re probably wondering what makes an app illegal. An app is illegal if it is removed from an app store for violating the store’s terms and conditions. Here is a list of some apps that are all sorts of amazing, but which have been banned from app stores. Of course, there’s ways that you can get them. However, you should realize that they have been banned for a reason.


App Logo For Showbox

Okay, so think Netflix, but free and… you know, illegal. It is a really well-designed app with a huge library of movies. It has features like tailored recommendations, and reviews from users so that you can tell whether a movie or a show is good before you stream/download it. The app has been banned from Google’s Playstore.


App Logo For Ad-Away

What this app basically does, is that it blocks ads when you’re in other apps. So all those free apps on your phone that keep showing you ads, that won’t happen anymore.


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