Instagram Brings In New Features To Curb Spam And Offensive Comments

Instagram Brings In New Features To Curb Spam And Offensive Comments

Thanks to Facebook’s latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, Instagram is now launching a series of new features designed to combat spam and offensive comments, progressing its fight against cyberbullying and harassment.

The first and most significant feature to come to the social media platform is the ability to now delete comments en masse. Unlike the old method of deleting individual comments one by one, users will now be given the option to select up to 25 comments on each post which they would want to remove, along with choosing numerous accounts which they wish to either restrict or completely block.

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The feature is designed to address the lack of an effective method previously affecting accounts with draw more traffic, as the comments section can easily be swarmed. Along with this new capability is the introduction of pinned posts, which allow Instagram users to select their favorite comments and pin them at the top of the section for more viewers to read.

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The social media platform explains that it “want[s] to give people an easy way to amplify and encourage positive interactions.” Finally, Instagram will now also allow you to control which accounts can tag or mention you in either their usual posts or Stories. You’ll be provided with three categories to choose from: everyone, only people you follow, or no one at all.

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On the other hand, while Instagram has long been discussing the possibility of hiding the amount of likes a post has, there’s yet to be any developments on that side.

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