Ghanaian Mom Becomes The Coolest Mom In The World

Ghanaian Mom Becomes The Coolest Mom In The World

Nathan’s mom is now the coolest mom in the world. We all know how we get bored and tend to become creative. Nathan, on the other hand, took his creativity to another level by involving his mom.

Mom’s love their sons but to become a rapper just because your son is bored is a different level of love.

Nathan Mensah is an actor and creative consultant.

Nathan due to the lockdown and quarantine in the Uk got bored and challenged himself.

The Challenge was to turn his mom into a rapper within 24hrs. After posting the video on Twitter, Nathan has had over 82,000 views, Nathan’s mom has become an internet sensation. Bree Runway herself reacted to the video after getting a shoutout in the song, Bree said “my mum said “life can only go one wayyyyy, when your daughters bree runwayyyyy” Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing over her.”

Could this be the new challenge to celebrate mothers?

Watch Nathans video of his mom rapping.

This is also the making of the entire process.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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