5 Reasons Ghana Will Always Win In Any GhanaVsNaija Feud.


It is always interesting to witness a GhanaVsNaija banter on our TLs at any period in time. Some of the punchlines may come across as old and yet they still create the same effect like it was the very first time it was said.

From food, to entertainment, to girls, to electricity; it is actually quite an endless list.

We know, this is a no-brainer, but these are five reasons Ghana will always be at the top in a social media feud with Nigeria

 Quick disclaimer: Keep off if you are Nigerian. You won’t like what you’re about to read.

The obvious difference in “Jollof” rice.

Jollof picture via candjcreatives

Just about anybody would raise this point first in a feud of this nature. Ghana prides itself on the fact that it does the “Jollof” dish right, and Nigerian “Jollof” is just sub-par. Let’s just say, it is very easy to know which “Jollof” rice is from Ghana and Nigeria just by looking at them side by side. In the wise words of Deborah Vanessa, “Nigerian Jollof is just funny”.

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