There’s A Giraffe! No There Isn’t! What Can You See In This Photo?

It’s always something new on Twitter.

This time it’s a weird photo that’s trending.

A photo of green leaves which people swear has an image of a Giraffe in it.

It’s like the “what colour is this dress” debate all over again!

the controversial image circulating on Twitter

Some people are going crazy because they can’t see any giraffe and some are even seeing more!

I mean… those are just leaves. Right?

It’s crazy because some even say it’s a whole family of giraffes and… people are actually reacting and saying they see it too!

So, this could be real.

But honestly… some of us cannot see ANYTHING!!! It’s crazy that everyone is talking about seeing something beautiful and some people just can’t see anything.

It’s frustrating because… we admit, we are on this hill too!

The “elite group” of giraffe seers have even dropped tips and tricks on how to see the giraffe…

Is it working? Lol no.

In fact the “non seers” association have come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything in that photo.

We agree with them.

They don’t care if they can’t see the giraffe… or do they??

Is that the sound of pain?

With the way frustrations are running high on Twitter…. we don’t blame the people who can “see the giraffe”.

At this point, it’s an accomplishment.

Whatever the reason behind why some can see and some can’t see it…

We would like to know.

What can YOU see??


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