#MusicUnboxed: Kwame Yesu’s Relatability On Two Songs That Are Worth Every Listen

Music Unboxed
Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed Feature with Kwame Yesu

There’s beauty in the word, hustle because it’s something we all do every single day which is why songs that talk about the hustle always gets us pumped. 

Kwame Yesu (Don’t worry, his name is an ode to the Most High) found the perfect way to highlight hustle and the need for it over an exciting authentic production on his song, Taya which was an interesting touch to his Vision 2020 EP. 

For a generation that has embraced the culture of Friday night chilling sprees after a long week of work, we cannot find a better song that explains why we do that than Taya

The song motivates you and at the same time encourages you to kick back and grab a beer with friends and just… unwind.

Lyrics from Taya//Kwame Yesu on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

After having a conversation with the hip hop artist who made this song particularly because he loved Burna Boy energy on “Anybody” and wanted to replicate a similar vibe, Kwame Yesu, a recent KNUST graduate excitedly revealed to us that the almost haunting yet most exciting part of the song: “My brother, hustle ooo” was done by a video director who had nothing to do with making music.

“Quamina MP was supposed to sing that line but we were all in the studio and the guy was just playing around and… it came out good!” 

Mind you, Quamina MP did have some vocals on the song and would have definitely been a right fit but the two were able to show off their chemistry on a second song we featured on our playlist… “Lemme”

Yes, he’s so good we had to to feature him on the playlist twice! 

Just like Taya, Kwame Yesu explained that Lemme also had an unexpected twist. (What else do we expect from a guy named Yesu?)

Music unboxed
kwame Yesu on Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

The song was originally supposed to be done with another artiste called Questo but when Quamina MP heard it, he just had to hop on and… it turned out to be ‘a madness!’

It worked out perfectly and we especially love the song because of it’s hilarious and relatable backstory: A song about girls who ignore your shots in their DMs but post every day like all’s well.

Every guy and girl has experienced this “aired DMs” bane and well, whatever the personal experience that led to Kwame Yesu’s “Lemme” is, we hope the song gives others comfort in knowing it’s not just them lol.

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