How Medikal Lost A Battle That Never Started

Eno Barony and Medikal

Eno Barony, last week, released a song titled Argument Done, which many believed was a diss track directed at Medikal.

In the song, Eno talked about a ghostwriter who helped Sista Afia put together a diss track which was directed at her.

There was a lot of conversations on Twitter after the song was released as many people speculated and suggested that the ghostwriter was Medikal.

Some people demanded a reply from Medikal and others felt there was no need for a reply from him.

Well, Medikal, who we guess felt Eno’s diss track was about him decided to reply, not with a song, but with tweets.

He posted a couple of tweets in which he talked about how disrespectful and ungrateful Eno is after the support he gave her four years ago. He even referred to her as a corpse in one of his tweets.

Below are some of his tweets:

Now, this is where Medikal lost the battle.

Eno later replied his tweets stating that she only sent out words to a ghostwriter without mentioning names.

According to her, Medikal can only feel disrespected if he is actually the ghostwriter she talked about.

She also advised him to understand her lyrics first before replying her.

And that’s how Medikal lost this supposed beef.

But Medikal could make a comeback… Don’t forget he will release a song on Friday.

Anything can happen in the coming days.



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