Find Your Perfect Partner Using Your Birthday

Dating on these Gh streets is hard, there’s no doubt about it. It can be so confusing figuring out what you want in a partner, so here’s something that should help. Horoscopes are always met with a lot of doubt, but you know yourself. So, you’ll know if we’re right about the traits that you prefer in someone you’re dating. This is the person that you should date based on your birthday.

December 22 – January 19 (Capricorn): The Chrife

You are compatible with people who value their privacy and are not quick to put the relationship on social media. You want to be with that person who has good values and is principled. You love that they’re religious and aren’t driven by vanity.

January 20 – February 18 (Aquarius): Someone Who’s Not Clingy

You love adventure, so you need someone who is willing to try all the things that excite you. You also need someone who understands your need for freedom because you’re not the type who wants to be texting 24/7, you know?

February 19 – March 20 (Pisces): Wife/Husband Material

You are usually in a relationship for the long term, and so you don’t want someone who’s on and off. You want someone who can commit and who is not afraid to talk to you about their feelings because you need to have all those emotional conversations to know that you’re on the same page.


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